Regions Hospital Community Paramedicine Program

The Regions Hospital Community Paramedicine program visits patients at home after an ED visit or an admission to Regions Hospital or Lakeview Hospital.  We serve to support patients who otherwise do not qualify for home based care.  By filling this important gap in healthcare, we are able to reduce return-to-hospital occurrences and support patients to be healthy at home.

Community Paramedics (CPs) are experienced 911 paramedics with additional education to provide non-emergency care to patients and help manage chronic conditions. The CP program is a short-term, post-discharge, follow-up intervention. All our work is done under the medical direction of physicians from Regions Hospital EMS. We are a physical extension of the patient’s care team into the home. 

Started in 2014, the CP program has served over 1000 patients through our original pilot project in partnership with the St. Paul Fire Department, as a grantee of the Medtronic Foundation HealthRise global project, and today by providing care to patients after a visit Regions or Lakeview Hospitals.

Today our program completes over 1200 home visits per year. 

Our team of community paramedics provides follow-up care at home – when and where it’s most convenient for our patients.

Community Paramedic home visits can be ordered for patients who are hospitalized at Regions Hospital for a cardiopulmonary condition.  We visit patients who live up to 25 miles from Regions Hospital, including Minnesota and Wisconsin addresses.  Regions Hospital Emergency Department can also order Community Paramedicine follow-up for patients seen in the ED.  

Lakeview Hospital is also referring patients to the CP program, limited at this time to those with an admission for congestive heart failure.  For those patients, we will visit up to 25 miles from Lakeview Hospital.

Typically, patients receive 1-2 home visits per week for up to 4 weeks after hospital discharge. 

Community Paramedic home visits include:

  • Measurement of vital signs
  • Performing physical exams
  • Collecting lab samples
  • Administration of medications or IV fluids
  • Telemedicine visit with Home Based Acute Care provider, as appropriate
  • Reviewing upcoming appointments or assistance with scheduling follow up
  • Medication reconciliation, education, and compliance checks
  • Connecting patients to community resources
  • Conducting home safety assessments
  • Reinforcement of dietary recommendations
  • Partnership with Community Health Workers for patient support as needed

Enrollment Criteria:

  • Lives within 25 miles of the hospital – we can work with patients in MN and WI
  • Priority to HealthPartners insured patients
  • No SNF or TCU; however, patient can live in assisted living as long as CP services are not duplicative
  • No skilled nursing Home Care (PT, OT, social work okay)
  • Willing to allow CP into home, and agrees that others living with them will also consent to the visit
  • No aggression flag or other history of violence
  • No known current illegal substance abuse
  • No known infestation (bedbugs, lice, cockroaches

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