Supply Chain and Logistics

In cooperation with Regions Hospital Materials Management and Pharmacy we are excited to be able to offer an enhanced and cost competitive supply chain option for our partner agencies. Regions EMS Supply Technicians can help maintain inventory, deliver supplies and act as a single point of contact for supply chain management. We are also able to provide supply chain experts to consult and analyze processes in place and make recommendations that could lead to further reduction of inventory levels and lower costs.

Medical Supply

  • Regions can, in many cases, provide 35% to 50% cost savings on medical supplies through our purchasing agreements.
  • Medical supplies will be available the next day in most cases.
  • Provide consultation for any supply related questions or supply storage options.

Oxygen Supply

  • We can provide oxygen at significant savings under our oxygen contract.
  • Personnel can order oxygen and it will be delivered directly to a designated station.
  • Prices benefit from Regions volume discount.

Pharmaceutical Supply

  • We are able to provide most pharmaceuticals at less than half the price of other suppliers.
  • Pharmaceutical supplies will be available the next day in most cases.
  • Provide medical direction and best practice consultation for the management of controlled substances for each agency including review of security and diversion practices, medication storage, waste processing and general regulatory compliance.
  • Provide Inventory Management consultation to manage inventory investment, minimize outdates/returns/waste and ensure few out-of-stocks.