Medical Direction

Each day, the Regions Hospital EMS program delivers innovative 24-hour medical direction and consultation to a diverse group of providers in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Our broad-based, state-of-the-art support helps ensure that communities get the prehospital emergency care they deserve.

One unique way we do this is by providing each of our clients with a customized resource directory. This directory includes best practice guidelines and state regulations, along with a customized medical direction plan for each organization based on their local resources and environment.

We currently represent 40 services with 1,500 providers including rural volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians, urban paramedics and suburban public safety personnel.  We provide this medical oversight via a team of 4 engaged board-certified EMS physicians, 2 paramedic clinical supervisors, and a team of knowledgeable administrators.

Bjorn Peterson, MD

Matthew Milder, NRP

Kari Haley, MD

Mark Tutila, NRP

Aaron Burnett, MD

Kent Griffith, RN NRP

Quality Improvement

Quality assurance and continuous quality improvement is key to a high quality EMS system (MN Statute 144E.265, WI Administrative Rule DHS 110.49).  Regions EMS recognizes the importance of quality improvement and offers the following quality related services:

  • Assist in Quality Improvement on the EMS Peer Review Committee. Review select high-risk cases such as RSI, use of restraints and cardiac arrest patient care reports and documentation.
  • Provide leadership and oversight in each community's implementation of the Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES) program.
  • Provide on-scene, point of care medical direction as well as retrospective patient care report review to help highlight the service’s areas of strength and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Provide consolidated Electronic Patient Care Report data collection (FirstWatch) to provide real-time notification to service leaders and Medical Directors of significant system events and real-time dashboard of key service indicators.
  • Provide representation and leadership on the EMSRB and EMSRB Data Policy Standing Advisory Committee to further the development of a quality statewide data collection and reporting systems.

Tactical (SWAT), Mass Casualty & Dispatch Medicine

Regions EMS Medical Directors are trained in administering emergency care under life-threatening conditions. They provide support to incident command with medical direction and services in tactical and mass casualty situations. Regions EMS provides Medical Direction to the Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center along with other PSAPs in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Regions EMS also offers to our providers a fully equipped, emergency Off Road Vehicle, available 24/7 as needed for special operations use.